Linux and Windows

An interesting question to ask PC users today would be: “what is the best PC operating system?” Now if we were to be honest with ourselves, we’d agree that when this question comes to mind, we often think Windows and OSX, overlooking another powerful third part, Linux. We will show you why Linux is a decent OS, and will discuss about the difference between Linux and Windows.

Linux is a free open source operating system with a little fan base compared with the other two operating systems, so why are we comparing it with the tycoon of the house? Well despite its minority, Linux has a sweet spot in many fields that every user should be aware of before making any decisions to go for either of them.

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Difference Between Linux and Windows

On this head to head, we give you a head start into making your decisions by pointing out the differences between Windows and Linux in the following fields:


df command linux

Have you ever wanted to look at your windows source code? Well it’s a pity because windows do not allow users to access the source code of their operating system, not unless maybe you are among the selected group who design the operating system. When it comes to Linux though, you not only have access to the source code, but you can also make changes down to the very kernel. This is an added advantage as bugs are easily identified and fixed.

Availability of Software and Compatibility

Because a large number of programs are written for Windows, running a program that you want on your Linux PC can be a problem if it’s only available for windows. Even though there are alternatives to these problems with custom third party software, reliability cannot be guaranteed. Still you can use WineHQ program, that basically it is an emulator that allows you to run a good list of Windows software and Games.

As an alternative you can easy install Linux OS alongside Windows. Read how to do it if you are using Windows 8 or Windows 10.


security camera

Despite being based on one product family and one product family and one platform, Windows lags behind Linux when it comes to security. Linux offers effective security measures by offering administrators no root access but grants them lower level access, meaning viruses are not able to get into the root of the system, and thus effects are minimal compared to windows, which offers the administrator full access to the root of the operating system.


Windows have the famous windows registry which is basically a database that contains all your settings, application data and device info. Linux on the other hand, does not have a registry but instead store their application info and settings on the basis of the rank of users, making it have a modular configuration as opposed to window’s centralized one.

Layout and Interface

elementary os freya screenshot

It’s difficult to differentiate the two here, as both Windows and Linux have tons of well-designed interfaces to choose from and this comes down to a question of personal taste. The only minor difference here is that quite a number of Linux designs will require some time to adjust to when compared to the more familiar Windows.

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