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The list of the most popular WordPress plugins is not too big. From the most popular list of SEO plugins for WordPress we will find plugins like All In One SEO Pack plugin and Yoast SEO plugin. All in One SEO is one of the most popular WordPress plugins, it has more than 15 million downloads. Most users thing that by installing these plugins they will start to do all your things for you, wrong! You will have to take some additional steps to get the maximum benefits from this plugin.

In this article we will teach you the best recommended settings for All In One SEO Pack plugin, this will allow you to use this plugin with maximum SEO benefits for your blog.

Note: At WPBeginner, we use WordPress SEO by Yoast however both All in One SEO pack and WordPress SEO are great plugins to optimize your website for search engines.

How to Set up All in SEO Pack

First thing of course will be to install and All in One SEO Pack. After activating the plugin will add and All in ONE SEO menu on WordPress Dashboard menu.

After installing All in One SEO Pack, go to All in One SEO > General Settings. There you will have to enable canonical URLs for your website. Canonical URLs are the permanent links of your individual articles. In WordPress a single post is published in several locations, for example in the homepage, archives page, author page, category and tag pages. Using article summary or excerpts instead of full posts in WordPress archive pages, this creates a duplicate of content and your blog is penalized by Google and other search engines.

aioseo-canonicalHomepage Settings

Then you will have to go to homepage settings section, you will have to specify a title for the homepage, the title can be different from the website’s title. Better look for a good title with good keywords, so people will be interested. If you leave the blank fields, then All in One SEO will use the default WordPress website title.

Next in the the homepage description field, you will have to provide a small description under 156 characters about your website.

In the keywords field, you should enter the most important keywords for your website, that would describe in general your website. You should enter 5 to 10 keywords, not less and not more, this would be an ideal SEO optimization.

aiseo-homepage-settingsKeyword Settings

The Keyword Settings section under general settings page of All in One SEO page, is where you will have to specify how the plugin should handle the meta, you can also add keywords manually for individual pages. The last option in the section is should be used if you use static homepages and, or a separate page to display your blog posts, and the All in One SEO plugin will dynamically generate a list of keywords based on posts that are appearing on the page with posts. For a better SEO it would be great to uncheck the “dynamically generate keywords” for post settings and manually to add keywords to each page.

Title Settings

Here you will be able to set a default title template for every page generated by WordPress, like a single post, main page, archives, tags, or category page. First option is to allow All in One SEO pack to rewrite titles which is enabled by default, we recommend to leave this option enabled.

From her you can also modify how page titles on your single post, archive, and other pages which will appear with predefined tags for page titles. You should also leave this setting as the guys from All in One SEO Pack know the best options for this plugin.

The thing that you should change is to get rif of | %blog_title% small part from page title format.

aioseo-titlesettingsWebmaster Verification Settings

Here you will have to add the webmaster verification codes provided by Google, Bing or Pinterest to verify ownership of your website. For an improved site SEO you should sign up for Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster Tools, I highly recommend doing submitting your website on Google and Bing Webmaster Tools. This will provide you with detailed insights and will increase you rank in search engines.

NoIndex Settings

For this settings, some SEO experts would believe that could also count as duplicated content and you should not allow indexing these pages. All in One SEO enables noindexing for category and archive pages by default, we would recommend to un-check the category.

Optimizing Posts

After installing the All in One SEO Pack, you will see a meta box in WordPress post/page edit screen under the post. If you are confused, I will explain in a moment.

You will have to optimize posts by entering a SEO title, description and keywords for each post. The meta box will override your global All in One SEO settings. If you leave it blank, the All in One SEO will use your global settings to fill in these fields. It will use the same post title that you used. For better SEO it is recommended to fill these fields.

We really hope this guide helped you to improve your website SEO performance by correctly setting up All in One SEO plugin for your WordPress website. If you have better ideas please commend and don’t forget to share with your friends.

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