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Many of us know that it is impossible to deactivate Find My iPhone app from any Apple device, without knowing the iCloud password. In reality there we find a different situation.

Find My iPhone app is the app that blocks in iCloud your iPhone if it was stolen. As any app today this app has a bug too and can be exploited. Well nothing is perfect today.

As I said Find My iPhone is a technology from Apple that lets you to localize your iDevices in case if they were stolen. When iOS 7 was launched this function was blocking permanently the activation of the iDevice. If you don’t know the user ID and password you cannot activate your device. Even a factory reset would not help here.

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Unfortunately a vulnerability was discovered which permits to deactivate Find My iPhone without need to know the password of the iCloud account.

Everything you need is the iPhone menu. From there you go to Settings > Configurations and go to iCloud. Here you can try to deactivate Find My iPhone. There a window will ask you to introduce the account password. Just cancel several time the window that asks you for the password if you don’t know the password. Then restart the phone, after the restart you will be surprised to see that Find My iPhone is deactivated and you can delete the iCloud account and update to the most recent version of iOS.

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This is a very bad vulnerability, which can cause huge problems when loosing your iPhone. This vulnerability risk can be reduced almost to zero if you will set a locking code to your phone. 

As we explained to you, the most attention you have to pay, is that someone can enter in your iPhone menu and to remove your iCloud. If your phone would have a screen lock code this would not be possible.

In the video bellow you can see and understand the procedure witch shows you the steps to follow to deactivate Find My iPhone on iOS 7 as I explained above:


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