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Creating passwords is tasking, it is even hard to create complex passwords than cannot be crackede. To help you avoid the hassle of figuring out how to create a strong and safe password, we are going to look at some of the best password generators that you can use to generate the kind of passwords we are looking for. Below are some ways one can generate passwords.

Random Password Generator

When you download the application and install it in your laptop, it has a very easy to use interface. This password generator is a useful utility to create custom passwords to meet various requirements. You can customize password length and types of letters and symbols included. You can also generate multiple passwords at once. Once you have generated a password, you will copy it to the clipboards; you can attach and save the password to the specific login.

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This password generator is free to install and use. It uses a phrase for instance a hint, a blog name and releases a long password whose default size is 16 characters but the length can go upto a maximum of 64 characters long. You will copy the password to the clipboard. If someone want to know your password, he will have to know that you are using passera, know which phrase you selected and select the number of character you chose so that the same password can be generated. This is obviously a dream to know if someone uses Passera.

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Strong Password Generator

With this app, written in APP Inventor, you can create a very strong password and copy it to the clipboard to then paste in your password field, or you can write it down and enter it manually into any password field of your choosing.

My day job requires me to use ultra strong passwords for secure mailboxes and user accounts. Before writing this, I had to trawl the web for a password generator. This is ok if the machine on site has internet access!! – Sadly, not all did.

By having this app on my phone, I can generate strong passwords, add them manually to the machine I am sat at, then wipe the password from the phone. – Job done. No need to phone the local help desk or write anything down on paper! (BREACH!)

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P++ Easy Password Generator

As developer says: Tell us the type of password you want and we generate it for you.

Easily set the size and use of letters, numbers, special characters and mixes of all of them.

Then with simple touch you can copy the password to use in another application quickly.

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