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What is the best Android app to create Hyperlapse videos? In this articles you will read about the apps we recommend to create awesome Hyperlapse videos on your Android smartphone.

Earlier we posted a small guide on how to create a hyperlapse videos on PC. Read it here.

What is a Hyperlapse Video?

Well, hyperlapse video can be considered the same time lapse video. Except that these videos are set to run at a faster speed. Also the stabilization is smooth. Some frames are cut out and the shaking is removed from the video. The result is a beautiful hyperlapse video.

To make a hyperlapse video on Android you will need some good apps. We reviewed all apps from Google Play. Here are our best recommendations.

Create Hyperlapse Videos on Android

First app we recommend is Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile. You can also search it in Google Play app from your Android smartphone. This app can create smooth and stabilized timelapse videos from any shaky video. You can take a very long video, add it to the app and it will shorten it. After processing you get an awesome video. App has some cool feature like sharing the video with your friends. Let them see the feeling you had.

Microsoft Hyperlapse - create hyperlapseOther Features of Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile are:

• Capturing Videos.
• Import Existing Videos.
• Multiple speeds: Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile supports hyperlapsing a video from 1x to 32x times the normal speed.
• Selfie lapses, you can take selfie videos.
• Share your hyperlapses on popular social media and video sites such as Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

The other app to create hyperlapse videos we recommend is the Framelapse app. You can search it in Google Play app from your Android smartphone. It is a free version of Framelapse Pro app. Even if its free it offers all features to create cool videos. You can record videos in high quality and apply different settings and effects. Also the app doesn’t contain ads.

Framelapse - create hyperlapseOther Features of Framelapse app:

  • You can set frame Interval.
  • Set video duration to automatically stop recording.
  • Zoom and autofocus options.
  • Video resolution and rotation.
  • Video frame rate.
  • Dynamic preview size and no preview cropping.

This are the best two apps we found on Google Play to create hyperlapse videos. If you are an iPhone or iPad user we recommend you Instagram Hyperlapse app. Unfortunately Instagram Hyperlapse for now is available only for iOS devices, but it is a very nice app you can enjoy.

If you tested these apps and you could create hyperlapse videos, please tell us which of these you found more interactive and easy to use. Please share and comment with your friends!

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