In this tutorial I will show you how to create a Custom Recovery Image with Command Prompt on Windows 8, and replace Custom Recovery Image with the standard one. Before creating a Custom Recovery Image, make sure that your PC is clean of bloatware, malware, and you have all your favorite program installed, having such a Recovery Image will allow you to recover your computer to current state.

Step 1. Create Custom Recovery Image with RecImg

Run command recimg from an elevated Command Prompt, open Command Prompt by typing Command Prompt in your Start Screen, right-click the Command Prompt and select Run as Administrator.

The following command will create a new recovery image, place the custom image in any folder and give it any name you like.

recimg /CreateImage C:\CustomRefreshImages\MyImage

Step 2. Set default image

You will have to set the default image which will be used when refreshing your computer. To change default image with MyImage your created you’ll have to use the following command.

recimg /SetCurrent C:\CustomRefreshImages\MyImage

Step 3. Check image status

To check which image is set as default you can check with following command.

recimg /ShowCurrent

Step 4. Use System Recovery Image

When you’ll have to use System Recovery Image, use from Windows 8 boot menu.


Important Note:

– System Recovery Image looks like it’s remove from Windows 8.1


– To revert to the Original System Image, use the following command:

recimg /deregister

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