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An example of a custom template is where you actually choose the template itself and the document comes up with a particular structure and empty spaces where you only need to change the varying data day by day or depending with  the frequency of your input.

Generally, all you need to do is to double click on the template and change the text inside and other details you want to customize. Creating a template comes about if you have a document which you always produce and has the same shape, the same size, the same columns and what you normally change is just a few items.

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A good element of the template is that it locks the contents as read only so that you don’t accidentally change the template. This is a mistake that can ruin everything that has taken you days to organize.

Having understood the use and the benefits of a template; we would like to learn how to create our first template. Depending on your needs, it might be a grocery list you want or for accounting purposes at work, a template saves you a lot of hassle. It will always be accurate and you do not spend time preparing it once you have created it.

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In Ms Excel, if for example you are placing records of accounts that use formulas in your document, the best way to go about it is to make sure that the formula can be seen. The reason why you should put the formula to be seen is for you to know what exactly you are doing and how best you can use the template not to confuse your accounts.

The short cut keys that help in showing the formula in cells is  by pressing Ctrl+~.

When you are done formatting the document, save it like a regular document and you can open it whenever you want to access it.

When the Save a dialogue box appears, in the place where you type the name you would like to save the document as, there is another text box below that is name Save as type: Go that text box, pull down the menu and click on Excel template.

Then click Save.

Now, in order to use the template, go to excel, on the Menu, go to File New, then go to My Templates and then pick your template.


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