wireless network

Computer networking is not only meant for large businesses as some people may think. You only need a minimum of two computers for you to enjoy the benefits that come with computer networking. It is used both at home and office. This is an easy way to share data in different computers and it makes communication.

Internet Connection


Internet is a major service subscribe for by computer users. It allows them to send and receive mails, share their products online and also gain access to important information. Networking is very necessary when you want to share internet between computers. It makes the service more economical and beneficial for the growth of a business and in different institutions.

File Sharing

You no longer have to move from your seat to share files with your boss or workmates. This is because computer networking creates a channel that allows different computers connect to each other for file sharing. It is fast and convenient especially for those who operate in a busy work environment. It removes the need for a USB device, CD or printer to share files. You also don’t have to worry about people flooding your desk as you show them information that is only available on your computer.

Printer Sharing

As a business entity, you can’t afford to waste resources purchasing printer for every work. Computer networking allows everyone to use a single printer from the comfort of their seats. You don’t have to move with your flash disk to another computer or disconnect printer cables from one computer to yours for you to do your printing. If you have more printers, you can still add them to the network for use by everyone.

Ways of Computer Networking

The mains methods of computer networking are:

  • Client-Server Computer networking System: this system requires you to have a server. The server is used to control the activities of client computers and is also important when you want to make necessary adjustments.
  • Peer-to-Peer Computer networking System: there is no server user used for this system. It is therefore up to you to decide on the information you would like to share to peers.

Computer networking is ideal for any business that wants to use modern technology. You can use it to make work easy and efficient while not spending much time to share documents.

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