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Mobile phone technology is growing at a faster speed beyond most people’s expectation. These are technology gadgets that change every day and they become better. I know you must be a proud owner of a cool mobile phone, but maybe you don’t know that there are other types of phones out there. If that’s the case, here are the common types that are currently in the market and that you should know them too. It will help you make a sound decision if you are planning to upgrade your mobile phone.

Classic Mobile Phones

Call them the classic or basic mobile phones, they are only meant for making call, receiving calls, sending and receiving messages. While you may be obsessed with running apps and viewing a web page on a big quality screen of your mobile phone, there are people who don’t care about such stuff and all they need are the basic services from a device. Unlike the modern mobile phones, basic handsets are not complicated and operating them is as easy as dialing the numbers or letters on a traditional simple keyboard.

They come in different styles with most of them being tall, narrow candy bar form. Some of them come in some clamshell designs so that you flip open them when you want to use them. Generally, they are lighter and smaller as compared to smartphones and feature phones and they are normally the perfect choice for the older generation.


iPhone 6s 2

In the today’s world, the most common type of a mobile phone is the smartphone. Typically, these mobile phones have the most excellent features like fastest processors and Wi-Fi, which fits well the 21st century generation. Talk of the highest image resolution and the most pixel-rich screen or high memory capacity, smartphones has it all. In simple term, these mobile phones have the most power as well as top-notch components that anyone may need.

They not only run the mobile operating systems but they also support downloadable applications thanks to virtual storefronts, which are tied to the smatphones’ software platforms. Both Apple iOS and Google Android not mentioning Microsoft Windows 10 all use smartphone mobile operating system.  Furthermore, BlackBerry 10 is also using the smartphone operating system. Currently, they are the most expensive mobile phones in the market for the obvious fact that they come with more exciting and great functions.

You choose the mobile phone to buy depending on how you will be using it. The best thing is that they both basic services, which include calling and sending instant messages.

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