Cloud computing is considered as on of the most simple, flexible and useful technology. Cloud computing offers data, computing applications and services, through an online connection, not necessary to have them on your PC.

Cloud is on of the most growing business online, as technology changes we have more in common with everything what is online, and cloud computing is making our work, and personal things easier, it provides different online services, like to use applications, and to create new applications.

Companies using the cloud can focus on business, instead of buying and running servers and software. The cloud gives them new tools and techniques, which reduces the time it takes companies to go from idea to app. It helps them pull together, share, and analyze huge amounts of data.


IT field is on of the most important technologies worldwide, and we see IT being pushed very far by engineers and developers. In Cloud computing is also pushed far from the limits, and it’s time to be organized in 3 models. Each model of cloud computing offers a service, cloud offers licensing and here are the 3 models:

1) The Software as a Service (SaaS) model allows businesses to provide direct access to the applications by employees, partners or clients. Because these applications are centrally managed on the cloud, there are no licenses or upgrades to maintain.

2) The Platform as a Service (PaaS) model is an application development platform delivered on demand, allowing developers to focus on software design, development and deployment — without the cost and complexity of buying and managing the underlying hardware, software, provisioning and hosting.

Example: Using PaaS, an online gaming company can become more innovative, PaaS allow the game development company to provide right resources for developers in building games, fast and easy, earlier same company would spend months with it’s own resources.

3) The Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) model delivers compute power, storage and networking on demand, eliminating the high cost of maintaining, staffing and providing power and cooling for an in-house data center if the service is provided externally. If it’s provided internally at a departmental level, it still offers greatly improved speed and efficiency in providing compute resources needed for the business.

Conclusion: Cloud Services have become on of main players in IT Technology, and are used to create and maintenance by different companies. The Cloud services itself are developed by other companies which already have a big concurrence and try to offer bigger services at lower costs.

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