cicret device

A design company from Paris France called Cicret wants to turn your arm in a functionally working device. It looks as a smartphone but which is projected on your skin.

The device will use a tiny projector with proximity sensor which will project an image of your home screen right on your arm. The device will work with your mobile device through Bluetooth and will not use too much energy. Also it will have a micro USB port for charging and vibration function.

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The Cicret device will be waterproof and will recognize all gestures that you use on a touchscreen. You will be able to swipe and type on a projected keyboard.


The device will have integrated 32Gb and 16Gb of memory and will be available in 10 colors. The Circet is basically a startup from donations and they need about $800.000 to release their first prototype.

You can also contribute the crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo or donate via Cicret website.

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The YouTube video of Circet, show a simple device that seems to have future.

Well, we will have to wait to see if this product will be real or its just another unlucky startup.


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