Now you can find cheap SSD’s in any shop, In this article I will tell you why should you buy them and which are cheaper and best for your old PC.

SSDs are the computer components which are less accessible, you have to pay a big price for a simple SSD which would have about 160Gb. What about lifespan? I can tell you for sure that today SSDs  have a lifespan more than sufficient. Having an SSD it means that your computer will start with 60% faster and will copy a movie with a speed about 6-7x faster.

If you have an old PC and you try to make it faster with RAM and a VideoCard, forget it. Buy a cheap SSD and replace it with the HDD, and you will see the magic. The SSD will make your computer times faster and you will feel that you just bought a new PC. I would recommend to buy the following models of cheap SSDs. Don’t worry about the quality, most SSDs cost much because of brand and not because of a better quality.

Kingston V300 60GB

Kingston is well know for their devices and performance. V300 is one of the most accessible SSD on the market. 60GB at 450MB/s is faster than you can imagine.

Kingston SSD V300 60

Kingston V300 120GB

Same model V300 from Kingston, with a little more money you can get 120GB, which can be used to store your operating system and even install all the applications you need.

Kingston SSD V300 120

Sandisk Standard 64GB

Sandisk Standard can write at a speed of 200MB/s, and write at a speed of 475MB/s. Also a very accessible SSD.

SanDisk Standard

Samsung 850 EVO 120GB

Even Samsung produces cheap SSDs, we know that SSDs are becoming more popular day by day and big companies like Samsung also try to keep up with lowing the prices. A very good SSD from Samsung which can read and write at a speed of 520MB/s.

Samsung SSD

Corsair Force GS Series 128GB

Corsair is a well know company that it is into performance. Their GS model SSD with 128GB can transfer data at a speed of 560MB/s. The price is the best for such a performant device.

Corsair Force GS Series 128GB

Kingston HyperX Savage 240GB

Want more space at accessible price, I would definitely recommend again Kingston. The model Hyper X Savage with 240GB can offer a very good performance.

Kingston HyperX Savage 240GB

You will not regret choosing any of these cheap SSDs from the market today. Give a second life for your PC.

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