Kiddle - search engine

Kiddle – Kid-Friendly Search Engine and Not Google

Today there are a lot of negative things when your kids use search engines. Even using is not safe at all for your kids. As a simple search of "hot girls" can have bad consequences on your kids. Now to make it safe, there is a new search engine that it is only for kids,...
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Use Tor Browser to Surf the Web Anonymously

Recently many journalists wrote about the spying thing. How big companies like Google and Microsoft spy the user computers and smartphones. They even don't hide it from you. Usually you have to accept the Agreement you automatically accept that you will be spied by them. Also we know that using browser like Google Chrome, will...

Disconnect – The Most Hated App By Google

The Disconnect app is available for Desktop. Officially it was also available on Google Play Store. Unfortunately for users who loved it, Google decided to ban this privacy app. You cannot find it now on Play Store. Well, Disconnect is one of the most popular apps. It can shield users against invisible tracking tools. It increases...
android security bug virus

Android Stagefright Exploit – What you need to know

In July 2015, a security company called Zimperium announced that it had discovered a a vulnerability inside the Android operating system. Possible there are nearly a billion Android devices that could potentially controlled without being noticed by their users. What is Stagefright? Stagefright exploit lives very deep in Android operating system and its called libStageFright librart which is...
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Why You Should Use a Password Manager and How It Works

Most of people that use a smartphone or a PC use very weak passwords for their websites and other accounts. For the security reasons a good password should have letters, numbers and characters. Also the for you should change your password once in at least three months. Today we have accounts on different sites like: ebay,...
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How To Fully Remove From Your PC?

An anti-malware technology that started in the year of 2010, made to discover malware without it existing on the user PC has been raising concerns, security investigators claim. This particular type of rogue antivirus program goes by the name of Suspicious.Cloud and it has several variants. Security investigators regard it as a possible entry to...
laptop webcamera

How and Why You Should Disable Your Webcam

Many PC users have reported that they somehow were spied through webcams. Let's put the question: Is this a problem today? Can be that easy to spy on someone using his webcam? Let's discuss why should we disable our webcams. There are many good hackers today, besides the hackers there are NSA, different agents, different groups that search...
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Top 5 Free Firewall Software for Windows

Windows has its built in Firewall protection since 2001, so paying for a third-party firewall doesn't make a lot of sense. Although the built-in Firewall protects your system from outside attacks, ignoring those from inside. So, for two-way firewall protection you do need more than windows alone can offer. For this we searched and analyzed...

Most Praised 5 Free Antivirus for 2015

For basic computer protection, everybody should run at least an antivirus and a firewall. There are integrated security suite or you can choose separate components. Someone is willing to pay to be sure it's secured, but someone else feels good with one or two free programs, which combined together provide the same value as one purchased. So...