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6 Apps on Your iPhone to Control Your Mac or PC Remotely

The iPhone remains a strong and most adored Smartphone worldwide. It comes with unique features and what you may not know is that it has some apps to control you Mac or PC remotely.  There is no reason as to why you should not enjoy using the apps. Related: How to Turn On Your PC Over...

Easy Way to Make a Movie Using iMovie on Your iPhone or iPad

Making a personal movie is no longer a dream for you especially if you are the proud owner of an iPhone. With this phone you can actually make videos at home combine them with clips transitions and insert some photos. Like a real movie you can also include a soundtrack and numerous other effects while...
Useful Things You Can Ask Siri

Best Useful Things You Can Ask Siri

Siri is the Apple’s digital personal assistant available on iOS devices like iPhone and iPad. Other devices with another operating systems also have their digital personal assistants, for example Android has Google Now, and Microsoft has the Cortana. Earlier we wrote a very interesting article on how to train the digital personal assistants to recognize better your...
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Top 5 Mobile Apps in India

India has witnessed on of the biggest jumps in the IT industry in the last years, in the mobile category India has about 100 million users of mobile data. Now you can find Indian apps on Indian App Stores. Earlier, a survey by Ericsson Consumer Labs showed that Indians spend an average of three hours...

The Dalvik Cache – How Safe It Is?

Trying to answer to a question about Dalvik Cache, many things are not yet clear about it. We will try to explain each the Dalvik Cache and How Safe It Is. So the main question is: How Safe It Is? Dalvik Optimization Wiping Dalvik Cache First I would like to tell you that Dalvik Cache it is a different...
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Apple Watch’s Heart Rate Sensor not Working on Tattoos

If you plan to buy an Apple Watch and use its heart rate feature but your wrist is tattooed, then you should cool down. Some users have reported that Apple Watch's sensor doesn't work on their tattooed wrist, they even created #tattoogate hashtag, on twitter. So, here starts expert's work. Already a bunch of tech reviewers tested...