Top 10 Most Essential Android Apps

Top 10 Most Essential Android Apps

Everyday Google Play marked is filled up with hundreds and thousands new apps and games. Many of them we install on our smartphones. Unfortunately not all apps are good. From our experience I can tell you that you should have on your smartphone 10 essential apps that you need in different situations. These are the...
Mobile Data on Android

Prevent Apps from Using Mobile Data on Android

Everyone knows that internet mobile data for your mobile device is not cheap and it is not unlimited. That means that we have to keep under control the internet traffic and check all programs that are using too much data. There can be social network apps that are using mobile data even if your phone is...
AutoCAD 360

1 Million Installs AutoCAD WS for Android

AutoCAD 360 (formally AutoCAD WS) is a free app from AutoCAD. This app allows users to draw and draft CAD files on their Android smartphone, and Android tablets. This app allow to open, view and edit as well as share CAD file anywhere. The AutoCAD 360 is fully functional and doesn't require a computer. AutoCAD 360...
Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Android 6.0 Marshmallow: New Key Features

The latest version of Android Operating System (OS), dubbed the: “Marshmallow” has continued to elicit sharp debate among Android enthusiasts. There has been plenty of inquiries about this latest version of the Android. Is it going to follow the familiar pattern of the previous versions of Android OS, or is it going to be fundamentally...
india mobile phone

Top 5 Mobile Apps in India

India has witnessed on of the biggest jumps in the IT industry in the last years, in the mobile category India has about 100 million users of mobile data. Now you can find Indian apps on Indian App Stores. Earlier, a survey by Ericsson Consumer Labs showed that Indians spend an average of three hours...
android apps

Top 5 Most Interesting Android Apps

Google Play Store is filled with millions of apps that are useless and a from millions of apps you can find some apps that could give you a goof experience. We picked up five different interesting application from Google Play that will keep you exited to use your smartphone. Coursera Coursera is a education app that offers a...
Z Launcher

Top 5 Android Launchers of 2015

All Android users probably already know that Android is highly customizable OS compared with other mobile operating systems. All Android versions use a User Interface called Launcher. The default Launcher can be replaced with another Launcher which will have a different design, different feeling, custom icons and buttons. It can look totally different from the original...