Win2-7 Pack

How to make Linux look like Windows

It is common for us not to get satisfied with one thing even though it’s not possible to own everything. Now relating that to this article, as a Linux user, at some point you might want to transform your desktop to look exactly how a Windows operating system looks like. Related: Quantum OS a Linux with QML...
Chromebook - Google Wallpaper

Simple Steps to Ensure You Get Beautiful Wallpaper on Chromebook Daily

A desktop with beautiful wallpaper makes your computer look nice and even motivates you to work. However, it takes time to search for good one every day and no one wants waste time doing that.  Now you do not have to go through the hustle to find a high quality and unique wall papers image...
Android Apps in India

List of Useful Android Apps in India

If you got a new Android smartphone or tablet, there would be not too many chances to find all the most useful apps for India. Of course everyone knows apps like Facebook and Instagram, but what about New apps? Financial Apps? and many more useful apps from India? In this article, we will present you the...
JSTorrent Chromebook

How to Download Torrents on a Chromebook

We can use a torrent app even on Chromebook, and we know that we have a plenty to choose from when we use Windows Mac or even Linux and Android! Using torrent on a Chromebook it's not a problem, you even have advantages as Chromebook has a solit protection against viruses. In my opinion the...
Chromebook Keyboard

All Keyboard Shortcuts for Your Chromebook

Using keyboard shortcuts will save a lot of time on any operating system, it doesn't matter that you are using PC, Linux or a Chromebook. Chrome OS is an operating system that has a lot of keyboard shortcuts to use, and all of them are useful. Chromebook Main Shortcuts Ctrl + Shift + L – Locks your...