Having an Internet Modem or Router doesn’t mean that you can use it for only one PC. You can share it with much more computers. Here is how you can do it.

What you should know:

Ethernet Connection

Ethernet connection is a type of connection which uses cable physically connected between each computer and the router or hub or switch. This set up is an inexpensive way to connect many computers into a network and to have access from same internet modem or internet router.


Router is a network device which forwards data packets between computers, or internet provider and your computer, depending on which type of modem you use. The router comes with a build in fire wall, routers are easy to set up and very flexible in configurations.

Switch and Hub

An Ethernet hub can connect with cable more computers intro a Ethernet network, also you can use switch which is almost the same but it’s smarter than the hub because it can send data faster and exactly to the computer you need, hub can send data to all computers at the same time and only the one needs the data accepts it, this takes more traffic and time.

How to do it?

Modem to Router

Router to Router

You can connect to your modem a router which can share your internet to other devices connected to your router. If your routers have Wi-Fi you can connect more computers through Wi-Fi, not necessary Ethernet cable. See the picture how you connect them. Also the same way you can connect router to router if you have two.

Connection modem to router


Router or Modem to Switch or Hub

It doesn’t really matter you can connect a Switch or a Hub to router to add more computers, or you can connect a switch or a hub to modem to add more computers, both ways will work, all devices are compatible and they do their job as supposed without too much configuration. See the example:

Connecting router to switch or hub

The bottom line: you can add a router, modem, or hub your internet provider device like modem or router to extend your network, and getting more network ports for more computers. How many computers, read the following article to know.

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