On of the most unanswered questions, when does it matter on which orientation you use your hard-drive? does it need to stay in a specific orientation? We will answer you these questions.

If you did not notice, there are PC cases that have the hard drives installed vertically, but the most PC cases have the hard drives installed horizontally.

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Does the hard drive position have an impact on the hard drive?


We will answer this question for the Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) and not the SSD (Solid State Drive), as the SSDs do not have any mechanical parts inside and they cannot be dammaged by changing the position.

Well, according to several manufacturers using a hard drive horizontally on front or on the back or vertically doesn’t affect the hard drive life significantly.

Lets see what are the Hard Drive manufacturers answers to this question:


The drive will operate in all axes (6 directions). Performance and error rate will stay within specification limits if the drive is operated in the other orientations from which it was formatted.

Western Digital

Physical mounting of the drive: WD drives will function normally whether they are mounted sideways or upside down (any X, Y, Z orientation).


The hard drive can be mounted in any orientation.


As long as it is securely attached to the chassis, hard disk drives may be mounted either horizontally or vertically depending on how your computer’s case is constructed.

When manufacturers were asked if the drive could be mounted at askew angles, almost all of them wrote that the preferred angle is 90 degrees vertical, horizontal, or sideways.

Why Mounting Hard Drive Horizontally is the Best?

Hard-Disk HDD Disk

The mist important part for a compute is cooling. Cooler is the computer the faster and better it works. So basically hard disks are mounted horizontally with the label facing upwards. This is more like an advantage because the heat goes up when rising away from the hard disk, an if the hard disk is mounted vertically the head will go up from the bottom of the hard disk to the head till it will get out, so the head will have a higher temperature. Having the hard disk mounted horizontally the head will rise away from the disk surface more efficiently, that should give a good impact on performance and lifetime of the disk.

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As manufacturers confirmed that we can mount hard disk drives as we want, then it means that we can do it with no problems as long as the drive stay safely mounted and the most important thing is that the drive should be properly cooled for a better performance and lifespan.

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