The idea of being controlled by anyone is not one welcomed by most people. Blocking some websites, such as Facebook, during working hours is somewhat understandable. However, internet censorship that is based on morality, religious ideologies or political insecurity is inexcusable. Governments, especially in Asia countries censor the internet in their respective countries.

Methods of Bypassing internet censorship

The methods that can be used to bypass Internet censorship include;


VPN is one of the most effective methods of bypassing internet censorship. Any data you access is first received by the VPN server and then redirected to your device. Any data across a VPN connection is encrypted. The eavesdroppers will not be able to access the data you are requesting. VPN service providers have multiple servers across different nations. Traveling to different countries will not pose any problem of restriction. The eavesdropper can only see that your data is encrypted, but they cannot do anything about it. To restrict you from accessing the data they would have to restrict the whole VPN network.

DNS Server

This method has low success. It will work if the filtering has been done at the DNS level. This kind of filtering is done redirecting the request to access a blocked website to another website. To bypass such a censorship, you simply have to set a custom DNS to your devices. This method will bypass the DNS used by the internet provider you are using. Google Public DNS will give you information about any DNS filtering being used.

Tor Browser

tor logoTor lets you use the internet without anyone noticing where the data ends up; this is done by restricting the browser in use to an encrypted network before it arrives at the endpoint. The end point is an uncensored and unfiltered location. Tor will enable you to access any blocked website on any connection, but you should not access any sensitive information with Tor. Tor will access any blocked websites. However, the browsing speed is greatly compromised using Tor. Use it to access blocked websites only.

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Internet censorship is unfair, but you do not have to be a victim. The methods discussed above will help solve this problem. The most effective of them is VPN connection. Some VPN services are free but reliable VPN services come at a small price.

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