custom smartphone

Some guys worked on a project to build their own smartphone, starting by printing on a 3D-printer the body of the smartphone. Then connecting together the boards. The last thing is to install on the smartphone the operating system with help of Python. More details about the project you can find on the link.

For this project you need following things:

1. Basic soldering skills.

2. The basic knowledge about Raspberry Pi.

3. Of course, a lot of free time.

Here is a video of the smartphone:

Before starting this project you will need all these components.  The components can be found in specialized electronics shops, or you can find them easy on online web stores like eBay.
1. Raspberry Pi A+ 256MB
2. GSM Adafruit FONA uFL Version
3. 3.5′ PiTFT touchscreen.
4. Raspberry Pi Camera 5MP
5. Converter Powerboost 500 Basic
6. GSM antenna.
7. 1В 8Ом speaker 
8. USB adapter — Wifi
9. Electret Microphone
10. 1200мА lithium-ion battery.
11. 4-40 x 3/8′ screws
12. M2.5 x 5mm screws
13. M2.5 x 20mm screws
14. M2 x 5mm scres
15. Slide Switch
16. Cables

To get more info about the project and how it’s made, visit following link.

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