Useful Things You Can Ask Siri

Siri is the Apple’s digital personal assistant available on iOS devices like iPhone and iPad. Other devices with another operating systems also have their digital personal assistants, for example Android has Google Now, and Microsoft has the Cortana.

Earlier we wrote a very interesting article on how to train the digital personal assistants to recognize better your commands.  Today we will explain you how useful is Siri for different taks and question you ask it. Besides creating reminders and making notes, Siri can do much more. It can even make system changes.

To activate Siri you need to hold down the home button on your iOS device until it beeps and Siri will speak to you. On the iOS 9 you can activate it by saying “Hey Siri”. You can enable “Hey Siri” for iOS 8 too.

In this article, we will highlight the best of what Siri can do:

Best Useful Things You Can Ask Siri

We created a list with the best and most useful things you can ask Siri.

Searching for Things

Siri is very good at searching things, you just have to ask her what to search for. Ask her to search for a movie, or some data for your studies, Siri will use different web sources to give you the best answer possible.

Create Reminders

Sometimes it si very hard for us to remember things, but not for Siri, just simple say “remind to me…” and Siri will add the reminder to your device.

Also you can ask Siri to create specific lists like “add visit Eliza” or “add change oil to my to-do list“.

Create Events

Adding events to your calendar is very easy for Siri. Just tell Siri to create an event titled by your needs “something somewhere”. Siri will add it into the calendar for you.

Siri will ask you some more details and will as you to confirm it.

Reschedule Events

Siri can very easy reschedule events, appointments and move meetings and adding people to meetings. Just ask it with your own words, and Siri will figure out what to do.

Set Alarms

Setting alarm with Siri is very easy, just say “Hey Siri” then Siri will listen to you and ask her to set the alarm to a specific time “set an alarm for 7AM” or “Hey Siri, wake me up at 9AM” or “Hey Siri, wake me up in 2 hours”.

Useful Things You Can Ask Siri 1

Turn on a Timer

You can very easy to ask Siri to set a timer. Just use the words “Hey Siri, set time for 30 minutes”. Siri will set it for you. Also Siri can stop, pause, resume, and so forth the timer if you ask it.

Find out What Time it is

Ask Siri what time is it. Siri will tell you.

Call People

Without doing an effort to search people in your contacts, you can just ask Siri to call people by just telling the person name you want to call.

For example: “Hey Siri, please call mom”.

Useful Things You Can Ask Siri 2 Call People

FaceTime Call

If you need to have a FaceTime conversation, just ask Siri to make a FaceTime call with video or with audio.

Ask Siri What Song is Playing

You can ask Siri what song is playing, Siri will be able to tell you, it will use the results from SHAZAM to find out the song which is playing.

All Siri Commands for Apple Music

Useful Things You Can Ask Siri 2 Music Commands

Make Reservations

Sire can help you to find and make reservations at a table in a restaurant. For this Siri will connect to OpenTable and will do it for you.

Siri will find the available reservations, and you will have to tap on the time you want to make the reservation.

Launch Applications

No problem ta ask siri to “open Messages” or “launch YouTube”.

Change Settings

With Siri you can easy change settings by asking it. For example you can turn on or off things like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Send and Read Text Messages

Ask Siri to “send a text message” and Siri will ask you what do you want to send and to whom.

Also you can ask Siri to read a message outloud. When Siri has read your new text message, you can simply ask her to reply or to call the sneder.

Follow Sport People or Teams

Just ask Siri, when and what team is playing. Siri can give you a lot of information about different sport people and teams.

New Movies

You can ask Siri When and What movies are playing. Siri will be able to provide you information about new movies and when they are playing.

You can also ask Siri who is starred in a specific movie, Siri will easy answer you this question tooo.

Ask Siri to address to you by your Nickname

A very fun thing is to make Siri to address to you by your nickname. For this you have to tell Siri to call you by your “nickname”. You can change it anytime.

What You Can Ask About

If you don’t know what to ask Siri anymore about, you can simply say “what can I ask you?”

Siri will give you a long list with categories, where you have to tap on the category you are interested and to see more examples what you can ask Siri about.

Say Goodbye

When you finished working with Siri, you can make it close itself by saying “Buy” or “See you later”.

Hope that you discovered more useful things that you can ask Siri. Also you can read how hackers can use radio waves to control your device through Siri on this page.

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