Tor is one of the best browser that can keep your privacy. It  can hide your tracks and allow you to surf anonymously without letting anyone to check you. Unfortunately Tor’s Project security is under suspicion. Tor Project was attacked many times by hackers. Also in 2014, judicial agencies and law enforcement agencies from different parts of the world. Even Black Hat guys had a demo where it was shown how you ca de-anonymized the Tor. Also NSA included funds to defense the Tor Project to compromise its integrity. Read more about Tor Browser on this page.

Because of these events, we will show you some alternative tools that can keep you anonymous on the internet.

Here we are presenting a list of top Tor alternatives that you can use:

1. I2P

tor browser alternatives - i2P

I2P is an anonymous peer-to-peer distributes communication layer. It is a complete Tor browser alternative. Just like on Tor browser, we have a P2P tool which is implemented in the network layer I2P.

This tool will use hidden services, sometimes it will be faster that Tor. Using this tool you can consider yourself protected against dragnet surveillance and monitoring from ISP’s and other things.

2. Freenet

tor browser alternatives - freenet

Freenet is a similar tool to I2P. It can offer it offers a full alternative to Tor. With it you can anonymously share files, chat, browse, and publish encrypted things. It makes difficult for others to determine who is behind Freenet.

3. Subgraph OS

Subgraph OS uses the different networks to hide its tracks. It is a Linux based OS and some security firms calls it an “adversary resistant” operating system that is designed to reduce the attacks. It has built-in an encrypted email client, disk encryption and firewall. Subgraph OS can be your permanent OS with no problem. It is fully functional.

4. Freepto

tor browser alternatives - FREEPTO

Freepto is yet another Linux based OS that you can use it from your USB stick. All data is automatically encrypted so you don’t have to worry.

5. iprediaOS

iPredia OS, also is Linux based OS that will automatically encrypt and anonymity any network traffic.

6. Lightweight Portable Security

LPS is a Linux based OS that you an boot from CD or USB flash drive. It give you the same security advantages by hiding your tracks and encrypting you data.

7. Whonix

tor browser alternatives - WHONIX

Whonix is Linux operating system based on the Tor network. The DNS will not be able to find the real IP address of user. Any malware will not help. Whonix uses Tor as a gateway also called Whonix-Gateway and it also uses Whonix-Workstation which is a completely isolated network.

8. Peerblock

Peerblock is a tool that lets you to control who your computer interacts with. You can select the list of “known bad” computers. Also you can block advertisers and spyware servers from all other the world. Peerblock will also monitor all your p2p activities. Also it is able to block the other computers which were hacked.

The best thing is that all these alternatives are for free!

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