This is a computing environment that has been embraced by the tech world as the most effective way of storing vital data. Cloud computing is used by both large and small scale companies. It is efficient and one of the best technology developments in the past few years. It is efficient and reliable ensuring that all your data is safe. The two major computing environments known to computer lovers include the following things:

cloud computing - office 365On-Premises Computing

This is the computing environment that was traditionally used by computer owners. All data and application used by you and your company are stored by you. They are either stored within your computer or other storage devices such as portable hard disks, flash disks and CDs.  It is common with most people because you do not require services from another party. You do it yourself.

Cloud Computing

This is the modern way of storing data. Your important information is safely kept by a third party who mostly receives them through the internet and into your private account created by them. Accessing the data is simple since you are online need to provide your logging details to gain entry into your account.

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Some of the most popular companies that offer cloud hosting include Google, Rackspace, Oracle cloud and Microsoft Azure.

Email service providers are required to ensure the safety of their client’s data. If you have an account with Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo mail and the likes, you are currently enjoying the benefits of cloud computing. It allows you to access your old data long after it has been sent and probably forgotten.

Why To Use Cloud Computing

Accessibility of information: No matter where you are, you can still access your vital information by simply logging into your account.

Affordable: This option is very affordable. It will only cost you an affordable amount which is way

User Friendly: You really don’t need to have any technical knowledge to use cloud computing. It is as easy as accessing an email address.

Performance: You are assured of better performance when you use cloud computing. It does not fail like other methods of storing data.

Space: You really don’t have to worry about running out of space since you can simply request the company to create more space for your data.                                                     Security: It is very costly to lose confidential data either due to computer failure or cybercrime. To avoid this, cloud hosting companies have secure systems to ensure that your data is kept safe from any in-eventualities that are likely to befall you.

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