Google Chrome VS Microsoft Edge

Today most users use the Chrome browser as their default browser. But from now on things can probably change as Microsoft released their Edge Browser on their new Windows 10.

Edge is totally different from Internet Explorer, so don’t even try to consider Edge the same Internet Explorer. We even did a comparison between Edge and Internet Explorer 11.

Well, Edge is new and totally different. But how it does compare to Google Chrome?

Google Chrome VS Microsoft Edge

We tested Microsoft Edge Browser with Google Chrome Browser, both without any extensions. We used an HP Pavilion dv6 laptop with 2.2 Intel Core i7 CPU and 8GB of RAM. Basically we ran a series of benchmark tests on both browsers, and these are the results.

Futuremark Peacekeeper

The first test we did with Peacekeeper, which is a JavaScript benchmark that runs through a number of tests from rendering capabilities, to HTML5. The scores we go are the following:

Looser: Microsoft Edge: 2433

Winner: Google Chrome: 3695

SunSpider JavaScript

Next we used another JavaScript benchmark. This one tested the JS and some other staff. The lower the score is, the better it is. Here is the score we got for both browsers:

Looser: Google Chrome 312.3ms

Winner: Microsoft Edge 101.2ms

V8 Benchmark Suite

Well, this is a Google developed JavaScript benchmark to test JS performance for internet browser. Of course the results should favor Google Chrome anyway we think, so do not take it too serious. Here are the score results:

Looser: Google Chrome 23224

Winner: Microsoft Edge  20742

Basically these were the most important benchmark tools that we decided to test. But how about a real world test? This is how we did our real world test:

Real World Test

While the benchmarks bellow show performance in numbers, we decided to test the browser in real world. We loaded on each browser the following websites and we set a timer.,, These are the times we god:

Looser: Microsoft Edge 3.93 seconds

Winner: Google Chrome 3.55 seconds

Looser: Microsoft Edge 6.23 seconds

Winner: Google Chrome 5.75 seconds

Looser: Microsoft Edge 5.43 seconds

Winner: Google Chrome 4.37 seconds


As you see from the results, Google Chrome is the king. But let me tell you, if you will add some extensions to Google Chrome it will go much slower that Microsoft Edge.

Edge is very slick and smooth. It is a good enough browser to be compared with the king. Let’s not to forget that Edge it is just at the beginning and it will get a lot more improved.

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