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I tried to find the best mobile apps for kindergartners and early elementary-aged kids between 4 to 8 years old. Here are the best educational and entertainment mobile apps you can find for iOS and Android tablets/smartphones. At this young age kids should not play just funny games, but play educational games which will improve their social activity and their knowledge. The apps you can find on Google Play Store and on Apple App Store.

Bugs and Buttons (Android / iOS)

Price: $2.99

bugs and buttons first screenshot

This app won the Apple’s App Store Rewind award in Education, it is a very fun and educational app which includes a collection of 18 educational and entertaining games with buttons and very realistic bugs. In the game your kids will have to race, count, sort, find patterns, connect dots, tic-tac-toe, matching and many more. The game consists of buttons and about 8 beautiful bugs. The game can make your kids also comfortable with bugs and for sure it improves education. This game is not even expensive for what it gives.

DragonBox Algebra 5+ (Android / iOS)

Price: $4.61

DragonBox Algebra

DragonBox Algebra 5+ is a very nice engaging game that will help your kids to learn algebra concepts. This is one of the top apps for algebra education, in the app kids can drag and drop objects on two sides diagram which is the concept of an equation. The idea is to make certain objects to disappear to isolate the dragon into a box. Through the game, kids will unlock new levels, which are harder and more interesting. Through all the game the dragon will grow so the algebra skills. Also there is a practice mode where kids can test what they learned and to solve equations. The game is worth it’s money.

Feel Electric! (iOS)

Price: Free

feel electric app

Feel Electric! is an exceptional app with will teach kids emotions and language skills. In the app kids will find videos, photos and games which are emotions related. The app will show to your kids how they should express emotions with words in a healthy way and improve their English.

Kids Puzzles Puzzingo – Learning Puzzle Games for Toddler (Android / iOS)

Price: Free

Kids Puzzles Puzzingo screenshot

Kids Puzzle Puzingo is a straightforward game for toddlers and preschoolers. It uses drag and place objects, numbers, letters, also a lot of matching. Kids can play in several modes, like toys, alphabet, farm animals, sea creatures, jungle animals and numbers. Toys, animals and any other objects make realistic sounds effects. The game contains different levels and will entertain your kid for a long time.

Puzzle Games for Kids (Android)

Puzzle Games for Kids

This is a simple puzzle game but with appealing graphics which makes it ideal for toddlers and for young kids. In the game kids will have to make interesting puzzle from pieces that need to be put together.This game can help children to develop their observation skills, it’s an excellent game for education and smart spending the time, in the game kids will have to make animal puzzles, plants, insects. Very colorful and beautiful puzzle.

Hooked on Phonics (Android / iOS)

Price: Free

hooked on phonics

This is an award winning game for your kids to learn reading. The app includes music, games, lessons, and stories. This app is a Learn to Read system which consists of many units and levels to help kids to understand letters and number and then to read them. Kids can touch letters to pop them into words like cat, fan and map.with print disabilities find that making a physical connection to a cognitive process helps them remember. Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read series games can help your child to feel more confident when reading and easily understand letters numbers and words.

Flow Free (Android / iOS)

Price: Free

follow free

Parents should know that this app is simple but very captivating. The challenge is to connect and match the color dots by swiping the finger between each dot. Also kids should use their logic to not to intersect the lines. The more levels you pass the bigger is the maps and more connections you have to do. Follow Free is simple and fun game which requires concentration and a lot of thinking.

Animal Pants (Android / iOS)

Price: Free

animal pants app

This game will entertain your child to find and learn more about animals. The game is very fun and educational. Kids will enjoy matching animals missing pants. The game has good graphics and nice music. also easy and interesting to play, also kids will be able to discover hidden features like beautifully illustrated animals.

MarcoPolo Ocean (Android / iOS)

Price: $1.99

MarcoPolo Ocean

MarcoPolo Ocean is another beautiful puzzle app that includes five fun activities. The game is very colorful and animated. It will help your kids to understand the concept of what undersea environments. What it looks like and what animals live there. In the game kids will be able to explore the coral reefs and take a dive under the ocean. In MarcoPolo Ocean kids also can build a ship and a submarine. Through the game play we get a narrator which will explain many things for kids. The game is worth its money.


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