It happens that we have several computers near to us and we would like to share some quite big files from one computer with other computers.

Unfortunately files cannot be send through email or any other method through internet as they are too big, and we don’t want to mess now with network settings and connecting computers to each other by network.

What are the Best Methods to Share Files Between Nearby Computers?

Windows Homegroup

Windows Homegroup should be the first method you can use. It doesn’t matter what version of Microsoft Windows you are using, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10. With Windows Homegroup you can share files between Windows computers very easy, as Windows networking takes a lot of time and it is complicated, you can just create a Homegroup from Homegroup option in Windows Explorer, here you will also add a password.

Homegroup-in-Windows-7Then you select what libraries to share while creating a Homegroup. Use the password for nearby computers and they can join your Homegroup.

To Create a Homegroup on Windows 8 and 10:

1. Open HomeGroup by swiping in from the right edge of the screen, click Settings then click Change PC settings, and click Network, and then HomeGroup.

2. Click to Create.

3. Select the libraries and devices you want to share with the Homegroup.

Linux users can use file sharing features built into their Linux distribution, which should be easy to use too.

Dropbox LAN Sync

Many PC users user Dropbox, Google Drive or SkyDrive to transfer files. Unfortunately many of use don’t use all the possibilities of Dropbox for example.  We are used to add a file in Dropbox folder, then wait till it uploads to cloud and then wait till it will sync to the other computer. Syncing a large file can take forever, and there is a way to sync files directly from one computer to another.

Dropbox is offering a “LAN Sync”, a feature that does sync files between two or more computers. If you are using Dropbox on two computers from the same network, you can sync files directly between each other without uploading the files to the cloud.

dropbox-lan-syncIf computers are on the same LAN network as you are, you can directly sync files to someone else computer if you’re sharing the files via Dropbox and you’re on the same network.

To do Enable Lan Sync:

Everything you have to do is to go to Dropbox Preferences on General tab and check “Enable LAN sync” then click OK.

Of course you can use Dropbox or other services like Google Drive and SkyDrive to transfer files between computers without LAN sync, but for big files it will take some time.

BitTorrent Sync

Almost same as Dropbox LAN Sync you can try BitTorrent Sync. It doesn’t have cloud sync but can sync files between computers very easy. You can configure BitTorrent Sync to only work between computers on your local network.

bittorrent-syncInstall BitTorrent Sync on both computers, then you choose folders you want to share and generate a secret key. Then you provide the generated secret key to other computer or computers. The sync will work between computers connected to the same LAN.

It’s a very easy method, you don’t have to create special accounts or other things, just use BitTorrent Sync and generate a secret key.

Other Methods

You can use an USB 3.0 drive to transfer big files faster, it will take you less time than transferring through Wi-Fi. But you must be sure that your computer has USB 3.0 ports, if not you will not be able to have full speed benefits.

laptop usb 3 portUSB 3.0 is very fast if you have USB 3.0 ports on both computers and a USB 3.0 Flash Drive.

There are many other way to transfer files between computer, but these are the most easiest you can find. Of course you can try to transfer files in other ways, but for sure it will take you more time.

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