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Comparing with windows Mac OS X has got not too many disk space analyzers, but from the few we have they all are pretty good. Today we will present you Disk Inventory X which is a free software for OS X to analyze and show you how the disk space on Mac is used in graph and percentage.


  • Can create map of the data on disk
  • Can provide additional information about the data you want
  • Can analyze entire disk or just a specific folder

Disk Inventory X is very easy to use. In our review we found out that Disk Inventory X is the best comparing to other competitors, and that’s why: It will scan and analyze all date from your hard disk or from a specific folder you want. The data will be presented as a color coded map so you can see what exactly is using the most space on your disk. To get more details you just have to click on the block of data. You can also explore the folder you want and you have the ability delete a folder.

Disk Inventory X is a beautiful and useful program, easy to use and easy to understand, for some users at first sight there can be more information than they need, but with time you can understand that all the information is exactly what you need and it’s useful.

Platform: OS X
Price: Free
Download Page


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