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There is something special about changing the look on Firefox – it makes you feel unique. If you would love to give your browser its own blazer and customize your Firefox experience, you probably want to use gadgets such as Personas Plus. This extension allows you to skin Firefox with your preferred picture.

However, if you want to individualize it and jazz it up that little bit more, you have to visit the Firefox Add-On site. You will be amazed at all the Complete Themes. If you want more than merely a picture, if you want to transform your whole Firefox experience with themed buttons, customized menus and tabs – the whole 9 yards: this is where you will get it all!

The Firefox Add-On site offers you almost 500 extraordinary themes. Not all of them work with Firefox 44 (current), but we have listed a few that do. If you want to make your Firefox to look totally different, check these Complete Themes:

A Walk in the Woods

Walnut for Firefox

Walnut for Firefox is a traditional look for the outdoors, log-home feel. All the menus, tabs, and windows will have you smelling walnut and shouting “Timber!” Walnut 2 for Firefox is more of the same, but better, with support for extensions like Calendar, Quicknote, etc. The color looks authentic and you can almost feel the grain of the wood on the background.

Metallic Me

Metal Lions Australis

If you are into a cool, hygienic look, then look no further than Metal Lion Australis Theme, complete with cheeky purple buttons. This complete package includes menus, tabs, windows, extension buttons – everything! And if the purple is a little too repressed for you, you can find your fancy with either  Metal Lion Australis Tiger SP or Metal Lion Australis Graphite: the same cool feel but with different accent color choices.

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For the Young Ones

Obviously the Internet has a lot to offer kids. Let them make the most of it with Scribblies Kids which has cartoon buttons and windows backgrounds with a funny-face computer. The color is a lovely unisex powder blue so that boys and girls may all have fun. And parents too! Scribblies have two versions for young-at-heart grown-ups. Scribblies Brite are colorful and bright, and Scribblies Plain has a white background with the same joyful button images.

Startrek has landed


If you are into neon accents with the same bright galaxy as the interface from LCARS (Federation Star ships), then  LCARStrek is the one for you. And no, it is not exclusively designed for Star Trek groupies, “normal” galaxy fans will also enjoy its round borders and neon colors. This Complete Theme package includes menus, tabs, buttons and windows.

Dreamy and colorful

For a peaceful Complete Theme,  Aeon Clouds is the up there with a soft peaceful cloudy blue, Aeon provides a whitish, stripey background, Aeon Colors (you guessed it) offers colorful accents, and Aeon Big shows off with big button icons.

Blending It Together

Who loves the sea? Me, me, me? Nautipolis for Firefox let you sail away on a theme which combines nautical, retro, and other designs into one. Subtle colors supplement the peaceful gray skin and bold-colored buttons like so many sails appear out of the blue. This is a full package, so the menus, tabs, and windows are all sailing with the same look.

Cute as a Button

Qute 6++ is a version of Arvid Axelsson’s icon set Qute, (back in the good old Phoenix days of Firefox) withbackground plain white, buttons cute. Also available: a variation called Qute 5++ : similar, button images slightly altered.

Dark is Dark

Do you believe Black is the new Black? Then  black backgrounds will do it for you. You have two options: NASA Night Launch : an exciting dark theme with understated elegance in its button design. Not flashy, no, way too elegant for that! Just better than the Jones’…

FT DeepDark is a bit similar to the NASA Night Launch, with slight variations in accents, but the feel and the emotions are the same.

Simply stunning in White

Simply Stunning White

What about functionality in white? Simple White – the name says it all. Perfect for concentration, no distracting features, all unnecessary bells and whistles are removed, peace reigns. A basic Complete Theme in white: Simple White X . There is a variation with a marginally altered style in buttons, but the look is the same – all the white you want. Like that functional all-white bedroom…

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Spoilt for Choice

If you a building your future, Bricks for Firefox: cool grey bricks with bright bold buttons.

Blue Fox Theme – Back to the outer space feel with a dark galactic look and spacey blue buttons.

Nuvola FF has a relaxed feel: bright buttons and a cool gray background.

MicroFox for Firefox: unobtrusive, small 8-bit graphic buttons.

Firefox 2, the theme, reloaded back to the comfortable feel that you know and love: Firefox 2, just new.

And this is not all…

Maybe you still have an older Firefox version, or maybe you are just not quite sold on these themes? Good news, you can have a look at even more choices on Firefox’s Add-Ons site. Click on Themes and then select Complete Themes.

You should be afraid, the themes not available to you will be lightly grayed out. Or simply hover over a Complete Theme and it will clearly indicate if it is not available in a bright red font with a yellow background.

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