battle botMany of us remembers the robot on robot battles on TV. A famous program on ABC and Discovery Channel, where small robots with cutting metal weapons were killing each other. Suddenly robots battle disappeared from our TVs, and everyone was disappointed.

ABC is going to reborn robot battles this summer after five ears of absence and hundred episodes. ABC for now will release just six episodes but with hope to continue with more.

The original show had four weight classes: lightweight (up to 60 pounds), middleweight (up to 120 pounds), heavyweight (up to 220 pounds), and the last one: super heavyweight (up to 340 pounds). The new show will not separate the robots by classes, which can be more interesting and maybe more fair and more serious.

Also the new Battlebots will have cameras everywhere for really cool moments views and replay, also there may be some statistics about the damage of the robot. Sounds awesome, right?

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