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Not many people are conversant with backing up their contacts in google. You may ask yourself why you should know and the simple answer to that question is that you will never lose your contacts ever, like ever again.

Let’s look at the steps of setting it up in your Android or iOS device.

Step 1. Make sure that on your Contact list display, the google check box is ticked.

Android Manage Contacts

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Step 2. Sync the contacts with the Google account.

Go to settings / accounts / google / choose your Gmail account, look for the contact on the list of items below the gmail account / tick the check box if it is unticked and it will automatically sync if your sync setting is set to automatic.

For iOS, you will have to go to Settings – > Mail, Contacts, Calendars and Add Google

iOS Google Contacts

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Step 3. Go to your browser either on your phone or on your PC and go to this link:, if you see your contacts there, it is done.

All your contacts are on your contacts google account and are accessible by you, it is not ageneral place where people can see your contacts, and it’s just like your Mail account, only that it’s your contacts that are listed.

You will also see a tab on the left hand side of your screen with categories.

They include: All contacts, frequently contacted, groups, circles, find duplicates and more tab. This is an interactive section for you to keep track of all your contacts on phone, if they are in your circles or you would like to add them to your circles and much more.

After this exercise, incase you lose your phone for whatever reason, or change yourphone from one OS to the other, your contacts are safe.

Another cool feature is that you can search for someone’s contacts on the web without yourphone. Gone are the days when you had to list  your contacts on a piece of paper and keep the list safe.

All your contacts are a sync away to be backed up for good.

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