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Many Ubuntu users love Ubuntu, but they want a little more desktop experience, something beautiful, stylish and eye catching. You didn’t know, but you can switch to a different Ubuntu alternative, but still to be the Ubuntu itself.

We’ve made a list of the top most stunning Ubuntu alternatives for you to watch, also we included the demos.

Why Ubuntu?

There are hundreds of Linux distros, daily there are new distros released, from the best of them we recommend Mint, Debian, Ubuntu, OpenSUSE and Fedora.

Ubuntu is recommended as a good place to start with. It has everything integrated and compatibility is one of the best from all distros.

Ubuntu has one of the nicest GUI, that can impress any Windows user that thinks that on Linux he would not be able to do anything. You can show them these Awesome Ubuntu Alternatives.

Elementary OS Freya 0.3

Elementary OS has become very popular in a short period of time, the latest version  Elementary OS Freya 0.3 has an OS X-inspired GUI. Inspired. If you are switching from OS X to Linux, this one would be the ideal choice.

It includes the the lightweight Midori browser, which is HTML5 compatible, players for photos, music and video and a file explorer. Everything has an accent on OS X user interface.

Zorin OS 10 Ultimate

Zorin OS is based on Ubuntu as well, it has an useful Look Changer tool that allows you to customize the look and feel of the desktop. Zorin OS can be customized to look like Windows XP, Windows 2000, Mac OS or a simple Ubuntu.

Pear OS

It is a French-programmed distro (based on Ubuntu) which is no longer maintained, but it is not a very old version, it can be still used from day to day.

Pear OS also has design elements from iOS and OS X. It was made to have a Mac-like experience but for free.

Makulu 9 XFCE

We would recommend XFCE version of Makulu, here users will find Wine software included in the install (with WPS on offer as the Microsoft Office 2003-esque office experience).

Makulu also supports Netflix and Popcorn Time, and it includes firewall and antivirus tool. A very good Linux Distro for an ex. OS X or Windows user.


Solus distro is the only one from our list that is built from scratch, it is a good looking OS with inspiration from Android OS.

This distro has very cool features, like notifications and nags where you can edit or change things. The developers really tried to achieve a good result without touching other distros and ideas.

What do You Think of These Awesome Ubuntu Alternatives?

What do you think? Which stylish Linux distro would you recommend as an alternative for Ubuntu? One of this or you have something else?

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