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Battery maintenance is a concern of almost everybody who is using the electronics that are powered by battery. Since most people are obsessed about with this wonderful Apple product Mac and I am one of them. I have done my research as well as consulted the experts and came up with the following tips to help your Apple Mac’s battery last for hours. It’s a problem that most people have to deal with everyday, read on to learn how.

Dim the Screen

Even though MacBook Pro and MacBook Airs guarantees you battery power to last for almost eight hours, I believe you’re still looking on how to extend the time so that you don’t charge the battery frequently. If that’s the case, then dimming your screen is one of the OS X power saving tricks. Simply press the FI and then reduce the brightness and in that way, your machine will use the minimum power.

Eject a CD or a DVD

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For MacBooks with Super Drive, just make sure you eject any CD or DVDs that you’re not using because if you don’t, they will spin up every now and then, which drains your battery for no reason. If you eject them, then the energy that could have been used in spinning is saved to extend the battery’s working day.

Mute Sound

Unless you really need to be alerted, it’s advisable that you do away with any extraneous alerts and noise because that’s a big battery drainer. Simply tap the Mute Sound button in order to get rid of the sounds.

Turn Off Bluetooth

In case you’re not using the Bluetooth, turn it off because it’s one of the biggest energy drainers. Go to the Menu bar and click the Bluetooth icon then turn Bluetooth off if it appears direct or open the System Preferences then select Bluetooth. After which, click on Turn Bluetooth Off and in that way, your battery work day will improve.

Shut down apps not in use

In case you’re not using any app, shut it down. If you leave many apps running, then your battery might run out of power within no time. Again, ensure that you disconnect any SD Card as well as external drives and 4GB modems because they all drain power from the MackBook.

A low battery should not keep you from enjoying using your Mac OS X. you can overcome it with the tips above!

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