In this small tutorial, I’ll guide you how you can mount a windows partition automatically when booting up your Linux, you should know that you can use with no problems any windows partitions on Linux.

Will show you the easiest way, no editing fstab files:

Step 1.

Go to: Software Center application, you can find it in Ubuntu and OpenSuse under the same name Software Center, or Muon on Kubuntu,

 Step 2.

Search for application ntfs-config and install it. After open application: NTFS Configuration Tool from Unity Menu or KDE, Gnome start menu.

Step 3. 

Check the drive you want to add to Automount and press Ok. Or press Autoconfigure if you want all the drives to be automounted.

partStep 4.

Same as in step 3, check the drive you want to be automounted and press Ok.

ntfs-configuration-tool1Step 5.

Reboot your Linux for a test.




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