Some of you prefer to listen music from different sources, like using Pandora and Spotify. Spotify is the best to listen music, and Pandora looks like it is the best to discover new music. Personally I did not found any other better music service where I would discover so many new artists that on Pandora.

So, when I am finding a new artist on Pandora, I would prefer to to listen to its tracks on Spotify. To do that I haveto pause the music on Pandora, go on Spotify and add the new artist songs.

That is annoying, but there is an alternative way to do it. Now me and you can do it automatically without spending time by doing searches and adding songs to Spotify.


How to Automatically Save Favorite Tracks from Pandora to Spotify

To do it automatically, you have to use this awesome web app called Pandify. Pandify name comes from Pandora + Spotify. This app will create Spotify playlists automatically based on your favorite Pandora tracks.

How to Use Pandify Web App

Pandora to Spotify

To use Pandify, you have to go to, then you have to enter the email address associated with your Pandora account.

Then click Retrieve Data. Pandify will look for tracks that you liked and will add them to Spotify.

To apply genre filters for sorting the tracks, you will have to add a playlist for example: Trance Music. Then click the Create button on the left sidebar and export the playlist to Spotify.


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