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USB Flash drives have been in use for many years now. To be honest, they have made work easier and fast when working with computers. While some people have grown to almost see no relevance of these devices in their office or home lives, there are those that find them critical for their very survival. Indeed, they don’t see the USB drives going anywhere for a long time to come.

Many people use the USB Flash drives to store as well as transfer data. Moreover, others use them to store their many PC and mobile apps passwords safely. In spite of the many cloud storage solutions in the world, many people are still using these gadgets.

Some Reasons Why They Are So Popular

  • There is an increase in the capacity of these drives. The best thing is that today there are drives that can handle up to 256 GB now.
  • Mobile devices have been designed with microUSB ports and this makes the USB drives usable in both PCs and phones.
  • The USB 3.0 is becoming standard now and this means that transferring data is now easier. You can now transfer 5 GBs.

Why USB Flash Drives are Popular

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  • You can physically safeguard your computer. Secure the storage stick to some immovable furniture and then insert it to your laptop. Whenever you are not using the computer, the windows app closes down. The laptop will also sound a shrill siren whenever a thief tries to steal it.
  • Store your passwords with ease. You don’t have to remember any of your passwords anymore.
  • You always have a briefcase of files with you whenever you choose to be using a USB Flash Drive. Besides the files, you also have the chance to store and carry around your mobile and laptop apps that are vital.

There are many practical uses that the owner of a USB Flash Drive stands to enjoy. Whether it’s encrypting your very sensitive personal files or storing virus scanning tools, this is the device to go for. When on the move, you don’t have to get bored, you can use it to store all of your favorite music. Besides, it is very cheap and easy to carry around by hooking it to your key ring.

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