Nikon D4S

Everybody loves photography. It is for this reason that mobile manufacturers are putting front cameras on Smartphones and loading the back cameras of the same devices with loads of pixels. While the cameras of the Smartphones come in handy, there are instances that such a camera just won’t cut the right image that will inspire. Nikon D4s is a camera that is simple to the look but whose results are simply incomparable with those of a Smartphone or many cameras for that matter. It gives you clear quality images and do not alter the original look of the picture.

What you do not know about this camera

Nikon D4S Camera

The Nikon D4s was released to the public in early 2014. This is a Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera (DSLR) which has plentiful of features and whose responsiveness is unlike most cameras. The camera has a 16.2 MP sensor and its ISO range is between 100 and 25,600. The camera’s negative sensitivity and white balance capacity is so impressive that you could actually adore a photo just printed this way. Compare with iPhone 6 camera features.

It comes with advanced features

The one thing that makes this small black camera stand out mostly from competition is the fact that it has a shooting rate of 11 fps. The more burst photos the camera takes, the better they become. Its other features include an EXPEED 4 processor, an LCD screen of 3.2 inches a camera lag of 0.012 seconds. This makes it fast in comparison to most cameras.

The battery is long lasting

The life of the battery is superb in that if you were to go for a trip or a safari, it will take up to 3,020 shots before blinking low on charge. The cameras weight is just 1,180 g and the size just right for the hand. This makes it easy to pack and carry around.

When out on the jungle or street and with this camera, you can rest assured to be the master of the occasion as the photos that you will take will be explicable and breathtaking. The cons about this camera are that it is way expensive that most cameras or phones with almost similar photo taking capacity.

Bottom-line is; the Nikon D4s camera is awesome in what it does and you should check it out before buying any other camera or when heading out for your next holiday. It will keep memories clear just the way you felt that moment in time.

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