SD Card

Android devices can fill up fast with apps, media files and cache data for use offline. With less space in your android device, you will use more time managing your internal storage. Since it’s not easy to choose what to use and what install.

Modern versions of Android devices have a built-in-storage pane that help you see apps and files using most of your space. When you open the settings screen and tap on storage, you are able to see how much space is used and see the apps and files using up most of the space on your device. There is an option to remove them.  There are specific apps that can help you see what is taking space on your device.

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Disk Usage

This app gives you an easy way to get directories and files in the storage card because they consume much space. It is offered by Ivan Volosyuk and has earned over five million installations. Its current version is 3.5.3 and requires android 1.0 and up.

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Storage Analyzer & Disk Usage

This most advanced app displays information on SD cards, internal and external storage and USB devices in a simple and clear graphical form. Device Storage Analyser displays information on SD card, usb devices, SD cards, external and internal storage in a simple and clear graphical form (infographics). It get missing cache files and helps to create some free space by getting rid of huge files that take up a lot of space in your android device.

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Storage Analyzer

Storage Analyzer is a tool to help visualize and manage the space used on your phone or tablet. The information is presented in a simple manner to make it easy to understand where your space has gone.

It lists the storage areas available on your device including internal storage, SD cards and attached devices such as hard drives, showing the total and used space on each. You can then scan each one and view them in detail, and delete files which are no longer needed.

Storage analyzer is free, with no popup or full screen ads, and is easy to use.

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Memory Map — Disk Cleaner

As developer says, Memory Map is NOT another cache cleaner. It focuses on bringing you an overall view of your disk and allows you to delete your *own* files (pictures, videos, musics…) as well as cache files. To do that, Memory Map is based on a interactive map of all the files and folders contained in your disk. The bigger a file is on the screen, the bigger it is on the disk, it’s that simple!

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SD Maid – System Cleaning Tool

The SD Maid is an app that searches and debugs files that you do not really need. When you delete a file, a part of that file can be left on your device and this files can use up your space. SD Maid will search for this files and delete them.

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Now you know how to expand the memory of your android device. It is as easy as the above points.  Do not skip any of them and you will achieve desired results.

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