apple iphone 7 leak

apple iphone 7 leak

With appearance of iPhone 6 and Phone 6 Plus , everybody could see that Apple is trying to change its ger for upcoming flagship device, the reason is that Apple wants to be in line with new devices, as we saw from two last iPhone 6 models release at the same time by Apple. So things should look at least as good as are for iPhone 6 from all points. Apple iPhone 7 is planned to launch as soon as possible, but only one thing can stop it, this thing can be an iPhone 6S, yes if there will be soon an iPhone 6S we should wait at least a half year more for Apple iPhone 7. iPhone 7from Apple no doubt will come come loaded with unbelievable specifications that one would have never seen, as iPhone 6 just cached up, the iPhone 7 will be more futuristic, talking about design and specifications, and here are the specifications that we will see many of them in Apple iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 Specifications

As Apple doesn’t already respect their ideology, like screen size, we can wait a bigger screen iPhone, 6 inch, why not? New Design, thinner edges and a next iPhone 7 Plus with 6 inch.

Apple iPhone 7 can run the latest and the best processor, a quad-core A8 processor chip by Apple, which will support HD display.

If we take a look through reviews, many users are in love with Apple iPhone 5S camera which is one of the best camera installed among all Smartphones, no doubt that iPhone 7 will have a super performance camera which will be capable of 1080p Full HD recording, also the front camera will be much bigger in pixels and better, for video calling and selfies.

Internal storage will be increased, why not up to 256 GB, as today technology can do this, its just the price that can stop Apple to expand internal storage. Also Ram Memory, we should expect 3 GB of Ram Memory.

The last and one of the most important, the battery. The battery for sure will have to be biggest which is possible, I am sure apple will come around 3000 mAh battery which will have enough power to run this monster for some good hours.

Apple iPhone 7 Release Date

As Apple loves to do, we can wait for an upgrade for iPhone 6 generation to iPhone 6S in half year to one year, an upgrade for Apple means very much, a good improvement for their phone. After Apple iPhone 7 could be released till the New Year 2016, or at last in the summer 2016, as we should have one more year to get iPhone 6S released and to have time to buy it and play with it, just after that Apple will release iPhone 7.

None of this details are confirmed by Apple, as Apple likes to keep secretes and give big surprises, till then you can go for iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus which is a cool good looking phone from Apple, the best. from today.

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