apple app store

Usually when someone tells us about viruses on mobile phone, we automatically assume that only Android can have that. Unfortunately Apple App Store is also vulnerable when hackers make their move.

iOS is used to be on of the best security operating system for mobile devices, it is very hard to be hacked. Plus we have the iPhone which are not jailbroken and have a higher security level. Apps for iOS are installed from App Store and some hacker made their way to hack the Apple App Store.

Apple has just a year in China with a custom App Store for this market, hackers used to break AppStore in China and filled it with all possible kinds of viruses. To get to that, hackers used modified xcode tools, with help of it they injected malwares in the apps that are on App Store, their developers didn’t even notice. The hackers tool is called XcodeGhost and can be downloaded from torrents, and it works pretty simple. When an app being launched with this tool, it collects phone number, network type, UUID, language and country, then the data is crypted and sent to servers.

Should You Worry?

No you should not. The process is very long, and only some apps were published on App Store China before it was detected. Security team is working to improve the App Store performance and to protect its users.

Unfortunately Apple App Store will not be considered very secure after such a thing. Apple did not make any reference for this unhappy event.

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