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Android and iOS are both the most popular operating systems that are compatible with tablets and smartphones. An operating system is a program that runs a on a device and has a set of software tools, see how different are the mobile phone operating systems than the PC operating system. Android and iOS run all activities in smartphones and tablets. They are the most common, but you will also find other operating systems on smartphones and tablets.



Developers are the people who design and write code, building apps for the operating systems (OS) like Android, iOS, Windows and others. Android OS was developed by Google while Apple Inc. developed iOS. They are developed by different companies and for that reason they are different. The key difference between these two operating systems is their compatibility. Android is used by countless phone manufacturers while iOS is designed specifically for their own Apple products. It is correct to say that Android is the most used operating system on smartphones and tablets.


Android 6.0 supports many applications. Android uses a virtual machine inside to run apps. It runs other launchers comfortably. With help of an application you can run the Android apps on the iPhone, the other way round is almost impossible. Both smartphone users like sharing files, music, contacts and photos. When the sharing is from Android to iOS, it is easier than the other way round.


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Multitasking is essential in devices nowadays. Android devices multitask far much better than iOS devices. The ability of iOS devices to multitask is always a question of the type of application and its classification in App Store. One can use this to come to a conclusion that, the restrictions created by App Store are a great hindrance to the full exploitation of this iOS. Android has no restrictions. Android users move from one task to the other comfortably.

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Any other applications that are not pre-installed on an android device are isolated from the system’s resources. This is to mean the system is not vulnerable to attacks. However, the applications have to ask for permission every other time they are used. The system is vulnerable, as attackers may use text messages to get personal information. Its popularity also makes the operating system the focus of many attackers. iOS is frequently reviewed and the application in the App Store are scrutinized and verified. But if an Apple device is jailbroken it is very vulnerable to apps that are not sourced from the App Store.

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Verdict: No winner

Often people will ask which is better of the two operating systems. It depends on your preferences as the user. Android is an open-source operating system that is preferred by most smartphone users, yes it is more complicated but once you get into it, it is very fun. Android is for lazy users, everything is ready and it has no visible changes, all you can do is to install and run apps, no too many ways to customize it. So, there is no winner, Android wins first part, and iOS wins the second one.

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