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Mobile devices have increasingly become very popular in the past few years. With this in mind, iOS developers are using every tactic to ensure that they dominate the market. Currently, the major operating systems used on most handsets are Android which is developed by Google and iOS which is a product of Apple. Should you buy an Android device or spoil yourself with an iPhone? They are booth excellent but you need to know what each offers for you choose wisely.

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Advanced Technology

This is an operating system used on iPhone devices. It has really revolutionized how we use and think about handsets. iOS has allowed us to enjoy wirelesses services that were once not available on handsets.

Quite Impressive

If you are looking for the most impressive UI, then you will definitely go for iOS. Since this operating system and iPhone are from the same developer, you are assured of a well integrated system that makes the device more effective.


iOS is however a closed system. It therefore gives you less flexibility as far as its customization is concerned. The only way of gaining more control is by unlocking or jailbreaking it. Taking such actions has however seen so many users cry foul since they’ve had to deal with many issues including loss of files. Apple also revokes the warranty you have on any of their devices once you decide to unlock it.


Open Source Advantage

Unlike iOS, Android OS is open source. This gives users more power to manipulate different elements to make their devices more unique. It is commonly used by many manufactures since iOS is strictly used on iPhones.

Supports Numerous Apps

Android also supports most Apps. which is why most developers prefer working with it. Simple measures such as overclocking can allow you to increase the speed of Android devices.

High Battery Usage for Both Devices

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Most people have however complained of high battery usage by these devices as well as repeated crash reports by different applications. However, this can be reduced by upgrading a device to the latest android version which is believe to be more stable.


The differences that exist between these two operating systems are what make them unique. There are however so many other factors that influence the decision of many people. Some will even make their choice based on popularity instead of choosing based on benefits.

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