Android Courses to Help You Make Your First Android App

Android has become a force to reckon with when it comes to the telecommunication industry. The need for the android apps increases per day as more users activate their devices every day.

There are various courses for android development online, there are those that are taught by expert developers which don’t offer a certification. There are also courses that are internationally recognized for android development. We will look at some of these courses.

One can design, code and build a complete secure, more robust applications from scratch by undertaking courses that will enable one understand the complete life cycle of developing an android application.

This is the journey of becoming a Certified Applications Engineer. The journey begins by undertaking a 4 certified android course. The first pre-requisite for this course is a 40 hour Java Fundamentals for android development course. This builds a good solid background on understanding the basic building blocks of the programming language Java that is used more than often in apps development.

But first, if your Android device is not recognized by the Eclipse or Android Studio check this guide: New Android Device Is Not Recognised By Android Studio

The next sets of course are:

This course takes one through the building blocks of an application.

This course takes one through the security model that needs to be in place in an app. One learns the international security standards set and that are used for applications of different functionalities.

In this course, you will be shown how typical ads won’t make money for you in your app. You are going to be shown how to use ads for different people of different age groups in various parts of the world who download your app for use.

The exams for the above courses, writing them down respectively in order of the above list:

The benefits a beginner gets during and after the completion from these courses are:

  • One gets android ATC official material
  • One is awarded an android ATC certification of completion
  • One gets to be tested with international standard exams
  • One can become an android certified trainer

These courses are designed for individuals who are software designers or anyone interested in building android apps. It is the way to enable you create quality apps and its easy once you have studied and passed the exams.

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