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The debate about the differences between iOS and Android OS (Operating system) has been going on for a while. At the outset, these two operating systems may be similar in functionality—since they are suited for smartphones, but a clear look at them reveals fundamental differences. Also you can read our earlier comparison between iOS 8 and Android Lollipop.

An iOS is a smartphone mobile operating system that is developed by Apple Inc. while Android is a smartphone mobile operating system that’s developed by Google and distributed under the open license platform.

We analyze the fundamental differences between iOS and Android OS using basic characteristics such as: the graphical user interface, the apps available on these mobile operating systems, the stability of the apps, call features and stability of the apps.

iosGraphical User Interface

Both of these mobile operating systems have a status bar that appears at the top home screen which displays information such as time, WIFI, network strength signal, battery status and other reminders. However, the home screen in the iOS smartphone has rows of app icons while in the Android OS, widgets can be used to show updated information such as email.

The Apps for the MOS

For you to install an Android app, you have to download it from Google Play—an authorized application store for all Android applications. In the case of iOS, you have to download the apps from App Store.
Of utmost significant difference is that most of the apps on Google Play are free and there exists a massive collection of apps while most of the apps on the Appstore are commercial and fewer compared to Android. Therefore, if you’re looking for a cost-effective OS, then Android OS perfectly fits the bill.

Software Upgrades

If you use Android OS on your smartphone, you won’t receive regular updates as opposed to users of iOS who receive regular updates. iOS smartphones have regular notifications about the recent updates to their software. So, in terms of stability, I would vouch for iOS as opposed to Android OS.

Web Browsing

The default browser for accessing and downloading web pages in Android OS is the Google Chrome while the default browser in iOS is the Safari browser. Of course, you can download any browser of your choice if you want to.

Mobile Payments

Android OS uses the Google wallet as system that allows to pay for the applications that are commercial on Google Play. If you’re buying an app from the iOS Appstore, then you have to use the Apple Pay.

So, there you have it iOS vs Android!

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