Why do we need spyware? The answer is pretty simple—we care for others and that reason makes us curious to know what’s going on with the lives of our loved ones. Within the spectrum of parenting, mobile monitoring apps have a significant value. They offer kids extra layer of protection within and outside home.

iOS Spywares can be distinguished into two broad categories: the standard jailbreak version and then the gimmicky NoJailbreak version. Today, we will look at how spyware for iPhone without jailbreaking is different from its jailbreak counterpart.

Though spying apps have faced a lot of criticism but that only holds true for the grey areas, where it’s used for tracking spouse monitoring. There is very less to brag about when it comes to parental controls. Every electronic gadget comes with pre-installed parental controls like Xbox, PlayStation, Smart TV, Apple TV, iPhones and iPads etc., but sometimes they don’t provide you enough features and therefore, parents have to resort to third party apps.

NoJailbreak Spying: Easy, Quirky but Ingenious

The biggest upside of any NoJailbreak app is that it has easy controls. For example, unlike the Jailbreak apps, it doesn’t require you to manually install the app on the target device of your kids. To use an app like XNSPY, it only requires Apple iCloud credentials of your kid for monitoring. Parents can add devices on their XNSPY’s Control Panel using their Kids’ iCloud ID and password.

This facet of NoJailbreak apps make them quirky but ingenious too. Well, the downside to these apps is that they have very limited features when compared to the Jailbreak versions. This is because jailbreak devices are easy to bypass through because they have less layers of protection. Developers use this to their benefit and allow its users to access variety of features from the target smartphone.

Limited but Sufficing Features

Most of the apps that work without jailbreaking have limited features, like Teensafe and XNSPY offer phone logs, SMS, emails, internet browsing history, calendar entries monitoring. The latter also provides WhatsApp chats monitoring though. However, these features are enough for most of the parents. On the other side, kids won’t resent with the idea of monitoring because NoJailbreak app features are not as intrusive as the Jailbreak spying apps.

Cheaper Than Jailbroken Apps

NoJailbreak apps are available at significantly low tariffs. For example, XNSPY is priced at only $8.33/month, whereas, Flexispy (jailbreak version) is available at a starting price of $68/month. For parents, it’s better to invest in apps like XNSPY than on Flexispy.

No iCloud, No Monitoring

If your kids are not interested in backing up their data on the iCloud storage, then NoJailbreak apps are a dead-end for you guys. iCloud account is a huge prerequisite for using the NoJailbreak apps. Also, these apps rely on the iCloud backup routine, which is again a big downside.

Final Word on NoJailbreak Apps

Well there is no absolute win-win situation. Both counterparts provide their unique features and pricing models that lure parents into making a purchase. I would suggest parents to go for spyware for iPhone without jailbreaking before moving onto the jailbreak versions.


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