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Most entities whether business oriented or otherwise are looking for ways to enhance their presence online. One of the surest ways to have a solid online base is by establishing a good social network. Basically, there are two ways which you can enjoy social networking today. One is to have a third party setup an account for you and ask them to manage the same for you. The second one is by you having open-source social networking software installed on your server.

The Modern Way to Manage Your Social Network

To move away from the traditionally accepted ways of owning and managing social networking platforms or accounts, WordPress came up with a third option. In this option, you will find that it’s easy to handle your site and you also get full control of your site. Moreover, you will be able to turn your WordPress site into a social networking site which for many website owners this is a big plus. The software that you will be required to install is called BuddyPress.

What is BuddyPress?

Social Networking Site BuddyPress

The whole composition of the BuddyPress is simple yet unique. It is not standalone software but rather a composition of themes and plug-ins. These allow the site owners to add their favorite social networking modules to their websites. You have the option of turning your site into a fully fledged social networking site or use the software for add on option. You should however beware that only the WordPress MU version which supports the creation of several blogs on the same domain so support the BuddyPress.

How Do You Install It?

The installation of the BuddyPress software is very easy since all you have to do is follow the plug-ins that it comes with. For a complete and hassle free installation of the software, you will need to convert your WordPress theme to WordPress capable theme. You will then find widgets which you will add through the appearance of your WordPress site.

With this WordPress social networking software, you will enjoy features such as extended profile, easy capability of adding friends, private messaging and activity streams as well as creating and owning blogs.

Social Networking Site BuddyPress 1

Let your online presence be felt by your targeted audience. It is the easiest way to market and advertise your products or services online today. The internet is full of other companies looking to rank high and you must do all you can to outstanding them.

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