Windows 8 Firewall

Windows Firewall is similar to a fence that protects the computer you use from the rest of the online world. It prevents strange network traffic from accessing your apps. This means that your apps do not communicate with the rest of the world. But, this fence has a gate and you can choose to open for the world. This is known as adding the exception. In most cases it can happen automatically because windows create have exceptions for its apps and services that need to communicate with the world.

Sometimes, it’s you who has to create the exceptions manually. This happens to apps that you had said when you first installed them or for apps that fail to configure automatically for different reasons.

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Step 1. The user should start by opening the windows firewall by pressing or clicking on Start button followed by Control Panel and then searching Firewall and pressing on Windows Firewall after the search is complete.

Start Menu - Windows Firewall

Step 2. After the pane is opened, one should click on Allow a program or app or feature through windows firewall.

Windows FIrewall - Allow an app or feature

Step 3. Click on Change Settingswhere if you are prompted to type the administrator confirmation or password, one should enter in or type in the password or the confirmation keyword.

Windows Firewall - Allow apps to communicateStep 4. After these, one should select the check box that is mainly located next to the apps that one wants to allow for their communication through the firewall. One should select the applications that are needed to communicate through the firewall and then click on after which one finally should click OK.

Windows Firewall - Add an app

Before allowing for the communication of the apps through the Windows firewall, it is greatly important for any user to understand the risks that are likely to come up as a result of this. This is a process of unblocking or creating a hole within the firewall as it allows for the sharing of information through the firewall. This makes the compute or the gadget a little insecure each time ports are set open with the goal of allowing the application to communicate. This can give an opportunity for hackers and malicious software to gain access to your computer and perform undesirable activities.

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Allowing apps to communicate through the firewall is beneficial though at the same time it can be risky making it important to learn and implement strategies that can ensure security when allowing communication of apps through the firewall.


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