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An operating system is termed as the brain of a computer. Without it, there is nothing that can really be done. It allows you to use software and hardware on the computer or mobile device. The most popular Operating systems are Windows OS and Linux. There are also many upgraded versions of these operating systems that have so far been released to cover the drawbacks experienced with previous versions. However, there are some that just work better than others depending on the type of computer being used.

A good OS needs to provide a good interface that will allow you to effectively use the different components of your computer. You don’t have to worry about the complicated coded language used by a computer since OS are designed to automatically handle such challenges on your behalf.

How are the Operating Systems Classified?

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Multi-user: More than one user can run programs on such operating systems. Some can allow over a thousand users to concurrently run programs making work easy and fast.

Multitasking: These are program-specific since they are meant to allow two or more programs to run on computer at the same time. This one of its unique features and favorite of most people who use Apple’s MacOS and Microsoft windows. These two operating systems allow you to run a number of programs simultaneously.

Real Time: It instantly responds to any input. DOS and UNIX are however some of the general –purpose OS that are not included in this category since they are not real time operating systems.

Multiprocessing: This is meant for those who would run any program on two or more CPUs since it supports such actions.

Multithreading: One program might have numerous parts that cannot be run at the same time.  Multithreading however removes such limitations as it allows you to run more than one part of a program concurrently.

How to Interact With an Operating System?


Users are able to interact with their operating systems through commands. For instance if you would like to move a file from one folder to another, you will use the copy-paste options. Every command passes through a command processor from where it is interpreted before the system responds with the expected results. The interpretation takes less than a second depending on the speed of your computer.

With knowledge about operating systems, you can choose one that has the functions that you need.


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