computer eye strain

Working on a computer is very bad for your eyes. Unfortunately there are jobs that requires to work on a computer all day. Here are some tips on how to keep your eyes more comfortable and not to hurt them.

Rule 20-20-20

This is the main rule when working or playing on a computer. At every 20 minutes you have to focus somewhere else far at 20 feet (about 10 – 15 meters) from the computer, for about 20 seconds. Do some exercises like blinking, moving your eyes from left to right, from up to down. Also you can use for example a browser extension that will remind you each 20 minutes that you have to take a pause. Check eyeCare extension for Google Chrome.

Monitor Position

Your computer or laptop screen should be about 20-30 inches away.  Adjust your monitor position that your eyes should be on a level with the top of your computers screen. Also make sure that your computer screen or laptop screen to be located at an angle of 15-20 degrees. Make sure to raise or lower your chair to get the best and correct position.

Display Brightness and Glare

Make sure that your monitor brightness will not be more powerful than the natural or artificial light in the room. Take a white paper and compare with your computer screen. Make sure to set the light of the computer not too bright, to be very neutral. If it looks like a light, it means that your computer brightness is too high.

Color Temperature

One of the coolest way to optimize your computer screen colors, try to use F.lux program, it’s a free app that uses your location to adjust the colors of your screen by matching the environment based on light of the day.

Text Size and Color

Avoid contrasts with bright colors, you can use colors that are not too dark, colors like blue, green, brown black. Text black on white, you can set the balance of the white to be more yellow.

Computer Eye Glasses

Before you will get eye problems, visit an ophthalmologist, do all the tests and ask for computer eye glasses. They will protect your eyes from white light and high brightness. Your eye will be more relaxed.

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