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Android phones and tables are not able to run Windows applications locally. However, you can still access desktop remotely. This is possible because Microsoft launched a remote desktop app that can be used in Androids and iOS devices. They are suitable for both business and home use.

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Microsoft Desktop App

The apps use the RDP protocol from Microsoft that enable you connects to desktop remotely. These apps are not easy for a domestic user. They cannot be used with home and standard Windows versions. They are made for Enterprise and professional editions. It is a great asset for business people.

Smartphone - Windows DesktopTeamViewer

TeamViwer is good for if you use Windows of the standard edition. You can use it to trouble shoot a friend or relative’s computer. It enables you to access your computer remotely and does not come with limitations found in Microsoft’s Remote desktop. It is excellent for use at home and simple to set up. You will not have to worry about messes caused by dynamic DNS or forwarding configuration.

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Smartphone - Teamviewer Windows DesktopTo start using the TeamViewer, you simply download it. But, you can enable remote access without using any of the displayed codes in your computer. For connection, use the mobile app by login with window display of your TeamViewer. The TeamViewer also runs on Linux and Mac enabling you to control your computers using your phone or tablet.

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