Technology is one of the greatest and most important inventions in our lives. It has brought about countless advancement in automating various routines and processes in various industries and it’s all coming to the personal level to our homes.

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Startup companies are booming in the technology space and even the big companies are embracing the tech revolutions. These companies have become brands in producing products that help us automate and make our lives easier by connecting our devices like cars, homes, phones and computer together, what is now called the smart home automation.

9 brands with home Automation Kits

1. AT&T DigitalLife

att digitallife

AT&T has moved into automation services and home security. A brain is installed in the home and plays as a hub for detectors and sensors. It can be installed in any existing home security system. Any internet provider can be used to monitor the system. It controls the heating system, water distribution, doors, lights and temperature.

2. GE Home Automation Products

GE Home Automation Products

GE has come up with a concept of having the future at home. The system changes the environment in the house, by changing the lights when one walks in, change the room temperature from the phone and even feed the dog

3. Comcast Xfinity

Comcast Xfinity

The Comcast box has a remote that has a voice command option for the Tv box. The home security option starter package has a hub and an indoor and outdoor camera at a price of $99.95. you can check the other packages with their subscriotion prices.

4. Lowe’s Iris

Lowe's Iris

It is s home management system that has different kits. The Safe and secure kit has a hub, keypad, motion sensors, 2 contact sensors for doors and windows. The care and control route, one gets the thermostart and a plugin play module. Both are at a price of $179. More option kits can be viewed.

5. Time Warner’s Intelligent Home

Time Warner’s Intelligent Home

It’s a customizable security automation system that can be automated via the phone, the hub and Smartphone, one can set a rule or trigger for events. The system optimizes the consumption of water, lights and other items one would like to control and monitor.

6. Belkin WeMo

Belkin WeMo

WeMo kits are used to control appliances like thermostat, motion detectors; intelligent switches which has a power tracking feature and cameras remotely.

7. Vivint


A product called Vivid Sky Security system that has a touch interface on the control panel. Works with apps and one can add wall switches to it, smoke detectors, carbon monocide detector, light switches, door locks, infrared camera and window sensors. In case you don’t have a key, one can still get into the house.

8. ADT Pulse

ad tee

This is an alarm company that deals with security to control the lights, wireless camera, thermostart and more than 50 products to communicate with each other. Basic package retails at $36.99 pm and home automation retails at $53.99 pm.

9. Frontpoint security

Fronpoint security

The basic retail package starts from $34.99 pm and an additional one time only subscription package depending with what you need installed in your home with a 3 year warranty.

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